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Smok Magneto Mod with Spider Logo

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Product Description

The Smok Magneto Mod  celebrity nude is a stylish telescopic mechanical mod. With clean lines, functional design and a magnetic bottom fire button that’s lockable. If you’re in the market for a new mech mod, the choice has just been made simple for you.

 The biggest feature of the Smok Magneto Mod is it’s bottom switch. It’s a magnetic push button! Compare this to a standard mod with a mechanical spring. Over time, a traditional spring will lose flexibility but by utilising magnet technology, the Magneto Mod will stand the test of time, over and over again.
The Magneto Mod is great beginner’s mod that’s easy to use and looks great!

Smok Magneto Mod specs:

- Telescopic for 18*** series batteries
- Lockable bottom switch, magnet technology
- Copper pins, non-adjustable
- Stainless Steel body
- 510 connection
- < 1v voltage loss
- Dimensions: Width = 21mm, Length (18350 mode) = 85mm, Length (18650 mode) = 115mm

Price is for the Smok Magneto Mod body only. Batteries sold separately in store.

Manufactured by: SMOK


Main Features: 

1)Detachable,can be fit on 18350 and 18650 battery
3) A spider on the end cap, looks luxury and beautiful
4) Good design,high quality,low price
5) magneto switch and connetor , lock is very easy

Production Description 
Smart electronics cigarette mod-New eletrical product Magnetic vaporizer Smoktech Magnetto–Smoktech Magnetic button mod,18350-18650
full mechanical forever mod The main features of this mod is the magnetic push button, we have adopted the character of the magnet, like
poles repel and opposite poles attract. the push button is structured with 2 magnet inside with like poles facing to each other to achieve
the same effect of traditional mechanical spring gives. As time the you use ,the flexibility of the spring will decrease, but the magnetism
of the magnet  will not run out in normal condition. thus the life span of the Smoktech Magneto mod will be much longer than the Mod
with traditional mechanical spring button.


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